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Core Value Discovery & Branding

Here, a mere brand audit is not enough.  Through a unique process called “The Guts Interview”, the values that exist at the very core of your company will be indentified. Your brand will then be developed from the inside out.

Social Marketing

Today, simply posting your company’s offerings to social media platforms just won’t do. Simply put, Birch engages its clients’ customers by managing their conversations on social media by knowing what to say and how to say it, and doing so with a consistent, measured persona that is authentic.

Award-Winning Graphic Design

Marketing collateral must powerfully communicate your brand image at a glance. Birch creates high impact designs that demand attention (and win awards).  Not only that, I love design!


Fantastic goodies you can get your hands on right away and immediately start implementing. Marketing tools, templates, e-books, and subscriptions that not only make your life easier, but add tremendous value and allow you to reach new levels in your business.